Vidhya Thakkar

Book Blogger @reader_viddh

From the first page of the book, you are going to love everything the author shared. With the witty and vibrant writing style of the author, it’s a beautiful book that you can definitely count on. The crisp narrative, each letter is unique that will make you laugh, that you will find yourself in.

Khyati Gautam

Book Blogger @bookish.fame

With the convenience of language and satirical tone, reading this book turned out to be a joy ride. What stood out for me was the sheer creativity and imagination that shows up in some of the most amusing terms used in the book. For instance, to kill a mocking virus!


Book Blogger @bookgirl_sulagna

This book is fun, dorky and fuelled with puns and sarcasm…The writing style is very fresh and unique. We being the generation that is growing up with the Internet lingo and social media apps, will immensely appreciate the author’s take on all things millennial.

Anjali Sharma

Book Blogger @reading_for_sanity

Written with witty humor and sarcasm in right amounts, it will make you laugh and will call you out too for trying to be better than the other person on social media. If you are willing to read something light and funny, filled with intelligent humor, this is the book for you!


Bookstagrammer @heretheresomething

All her stories are super relatable and are going to have you nodding along. I challenge you to not break into a smile while reading the chapters.

Venkata Sriram Kumar Koppireddy

Techie & Author

Writing straight from her heart about experiences during the pandemic, with plenty of humor and satirical tone as undercurrent she narrates various situations and happenings due to the pandemic outside. And the resultant chaos inside, both literally and metaphorically.

Nayanjit Deka

Co-founder Gajari Dot Com

I have been following Anindita’s writings for many years now. It’s refreshing and a lot of fun. The beauty of the book lies in the deeper messages delivered in an engaging and entertaining way. With this new book, she has outdone herself. Look forward to many more!

Antara Banerjee Gupta

Poet & Creative Director

It is such a hilarious read garnished with bittersweet experiences, nasty comebacks and brutal yet honest observations that every reader will feel connected to it. The past one year has been so terrible yet full of learnings and this book is a humorous way to go through them.

Shilpi Agarwal

Digital Creator @bookgasmic

Anindita hits a cord with everyone who has left the rat race of ‘acquiring new skills’. She is honest, straightforward and downright hilarious. I loved the book. I found it clutter-breaking, relatable and non-preachy.

Santanu Changmai

Language Lead at Magnon Group

Anindita’s book is a blend of memoir & musings tossed and turned in the sauce of humor. The letters are like knots of flashbacks derived from the pause and the journey of the present and the future.